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Windows 8 and 8.1 specific discussion

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    I purchased an XPS 12 a few years ago which came with Windows 8 preinstalled. Recently the hard drive failed so I replaced the hard drive and purchased the Dell OS Media for my system as I did not have any recovery disks... however, when I try to install the OS on my new hard drive, I'm prompted for a product key.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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    i need windows 8.1 64bit operating system

    My laptop came originally with windows 8.1 64 bit operating system, i upgraded to windows 10, and after a while i had issues with my o.s and windows 10 was reinstalled. The reinstalled windows10 could not get activated and windows isn't working properly.

    I need help to get my original windows 8.1 64bit operating system back.


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    Please help to figure out how to activate windows 8.1 after factory reset using back-up disk from dell

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    The HDD in my Alienware M17x R4 recently failed and I cannot find my system restore discs which I made when I purchased the machine in 2011.  I have tried to purchase recovery discs from Dell ... but my requests have recently been ignored by Dell support and Dell Sales department.  I live in Australia and am wondering if anyone else who owns the same machine might be able to provide me with a copy of the Recovery discs?  I will gladly reimburse any costs to provide me with these discs.  I need to be able to restore the recovery partition on the HDD.  My system runs Windows 8.

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    I have a Dell computer (Inspiron 15R 5534) that came with Windows 8. But there are no Windows 8 reinstallation disk. My computer has crashed and I need the disks to re-install the original operating system software (win8).

    I assumed I could access this software on the dell website, but I have not been able to locate them. Can someone tell me how to re-install the software without the disks?

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  • 03/21/17--03:40: i cant unlock my dell pc
  • i am using dell inspiron series pc with windows 8.1 64 bit. but now i cant unlock my laptop.when i enter my pass word and hit enter it comes back to lock screen again.i tried safe mode and many more.please help me with this problem.

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    I've been handed a non-booting laptop and found the hard drive is dead, I've popped WIndows 8.1 on it but it won't activate.  I've tried RWEverything and each other key reading tool I can find and none of them can find a Windows 8/8/1 key, I've tried updating the bios to the latest and ensuring UEFI is enabled but still no luck.

    The laptop has apparently never had a new motherboard although it did have a new hard drive under warranty in its first year.  From reading topics here since the machine is out of warranty there's not much more I can do aside from purchase a license or look into W7 options but thought it's worth checking.



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    my friend facing a problem after he installed windows 8.1  to his device (venue 11 pro 5130 64-bit)  the device now freezing after startup , audio not working , touch screen not working (in bios it works fine) also its restarting with black screen

    tried updating bios from A02 to A07 still having issues

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    Hi Team,

    I have Dell Inspiron 15R, which came with pre installed Windows 8. I had its upgrade to Windows 8.1 and 10 as well with the same product key and dint face any issue doing so.

    Recently, I had some software issue, which was making my system slow. So I did a factory reset on my laptop using the Dell backup and recovery tool. The laptop was up and running with Windows 8, but the activation was not proper the expiry date for the product key was provided with one month.

    I tried activating the product key of the Windows 8, it throws with Error code 0xC004F074. I googled the error code did almost everything to resolve the activation, with no success.

    Could you please how to proceed further?

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    My Dell Inspiron 15 3000 preinstalled with Windows 8.1, and it was upgraded to Windows 10 since Windows 10 was released. Now the problem is, I forgot my password to login my Dell laptop after I changed the password just for two days. How can I unlock my Dell Inspiron laptop when forgot the password? I don’t want to reset my Dell laptop. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I got a Dell Inspiron R15 5521 with Windows 10.   The power button on my computer has a tendency to get stuck and thus I am trying to minimize the times that I need to use it.

    Is there a way for me to wake the computer up with the mouse or keyboard from sleep mode?

    I can currently wake it up from sleep by closing and opening the lid but not by using the mouse or lid.  I have already checked to ensure that I have the latest drivers for both the keyboard and the mouse.  I have also checked their setting and could not find any power management options on my computer.

    In addition, I would like know if I can wake the computer up from hibernate mode with mouse, keyboard or lid.


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    I have two Latitude E6400 laptops that I am upgrading to Windows 8.1 64 bit.  Problem is I can not find

    the drivers needed.  Dell does not list the 8.1 drivers for the E6400 on their support site and support

    has been no help.  They would rather sell new then help keep older perfectly functioning system operating.

    Anyone know where they can be found?

    I am doing a clean install on a new SSD drive.  It has 4gb of RAM.

    Thank you for any and all help.

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    I have a new XPS 13 9350 - I want to replace W10 with a clean install of W8.1

    I have a USB with the 8.1 install on it and i can initiate this process - however when i get to the point where i am asked where to install it, the process cannot find the SSD

    I am asked  "Where do you want to install Windows?" Followed by "We couldn't find any drives". Then I have an option to "load driver". But I am not sure what driver is needed

    I did read somewhere that i should untick the 'RAID' option in BIOS which might show me the SSD

    but i also read that possibly, i also need controller drivers for the chipset, however that was for a slightly different process so i need to know if that is the case.

    If so I think i have found the correct drivers here:

    but clearly i want to make sure i am doing the right thing - i have a support tag but my e-mail has not yet been answered and i am keen to carry out the install.

    Can someone give me a plain English step-by-step as to how to get through the rest of the process

    btw i know i do need wifi drivers and i already have those on the USB.

    Thanks in advance

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    I need assistance reinstalling the software which came with my insperion 20 all in one. I have not had internet service for over 9 months and when I finally was able to get back service, all the updates must have caused chaos in my computer as I'm having issues...including: not able to open a window (it will try to open a million and create a short cut on my desktop but the window never opens), I can not download dell detect, functions like recovery are not working (times out) and so forth. Irealize being off line for 9 months is an issue but I was unemployed and had to make some unfortunate inconvient decisions. My all in one didn't come with a disc. At one point I was running windows 10 but that isn't an option anymore either. Any help you have for me is so appreciated and needed.

    Model Inspirion 20-3043   Windows 8 though it sometimes shows 8.1?

    Thank you in advance,

    Maria Potts

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    i am not able to find the driver for window 8.1 in my dell inspiron and this window is aldready installed from your company and now i am facing problem for finding the driver of my usb modem online also..will you please help me in this

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    Dear Sir

    I want buy Dell Windows 8.1 64 Bit OS Restore Reinstallation DVD Disk and Drivers Utilities for my Computer inspiron 13 7000 series

    Service Tag#8J02F32

    windows 8.1 single language

    Language English United States

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    So after many phone calls in the past with little to no results I figured out how to repair my 7720 laptop that had an issue with the secure bios password. Got another mother board but had to get the drive from Dell , I now have the laptop working and installed the drive, low and behold the install comes up in a completely foreign language. No English version seen .

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    I had to re-install Windows 8.1 and can't find a suitable touchpad driver for my Dell Inspiron 15 5551 laptop.  The driver on the Dell site works ok for a synaptics mouse, but NOT for the touchpad.  Hope someone can help me out.

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    I've done a bit of research on this problem, and it seems to be quite common.  I can't change my lock screen picture in Windows 8.1.  Would appreciate help on this.  I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5551 and am using a Windows 8.1 OS.  Thanks

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    I lost my Windows 8.1 Product Key and need to reinstall Windows now. How do i obtain it?


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